vISUAL communication design 2018


Creative Brief

“There is no element in which language resembles music more than in the punctuation marks.”
—Theodor W. Adorno

This publication celebrates the accomplishments of graduating Visual Communication Design students. The concept centers around the meaning of “graduation.” My idea uses the punctuation marks “comma” and “period” to represent each student’s journey both during and after college. The period represents graduation, the end of college life; the comma represents the beginning of a new and exciting phase in our lives, where unforeseen challenges await.

Subtly positioned periods and commas, set in more than 100 typefaces, reveal throughout the publication. Many people never pay attention to the seemingly insignificant period and comma. Through this design, however, the reader can appreciate the unique qualities of each tiny mark, just as we celebrate the distinct achievements of each of our students

1.8_Peng, Liying_Sp18_4900_VCD Catalog.png
1.9_Peng, Liying_Sp18_4900_VCD Catalog.png
1.10_Peng, Liying_Sp18_4900_VCD Catalog.png